Top 14 books for IELTS Preparation

Are you preparing for IELTS? Are you wondering how to go on about it? If yes, then don’t fret, for, in this article, we are presenting you with the top 14 books that can assist you in your IELTS preparation.
At times, preparing for English Proficiency tests such as IELTS can be a little overwhelming. Most students think that the only way to score well in the IELTS is to join online or physical coaching.
Well, this is not true.
Both self-studying and seeking the assistance of a tutor are feasible ways to prepare for IELTS. Provided that you are determined, willing to learn, and have patience, we are sure that you will ace the exam.


1. Affordable
Self-studying allows you to save the cost of enrolling yourself on private coaching. Further, it also saves you the cost of travelling to and fro from the coaching institute along with the coaching expenses. While in the case of online coaching, it saves you the coaching expenses.
2. Convenient
Another factor to consider is that self-studying is very convenient. You can start studying anywhere and at any time. There is no need to be at a specific place at a specific time. All you need to do is keep a book/laptop in your bag and start studying wherever and whenever you want.


1. Insights
Generally, IELTS tutors are well-experienced members who have trained hundreds or thousands of IELTS aspirants. They often share their experiences and insights with their students, which assists them with their preparation.
Self-studying lacks this feature. Students have to rely on their preparatory materials without any external guidance.
2. Feedback
There is no person to review your preparation or give you feedback with no one to guide you. Without any feedback, students generally find it challenging to improve themselves.
After reading these points, we are sure that you have a clear picture of the various advantages and disadvantages of self-studying.
If you are still inclined towards self-studying, then we have prepared a list of 14 bestselling IELTS preparation guidance books that will allow you to make your way through IELTS. Read along to find the list down below.

Top 14 books for IELTS preparation

The book is provided by Cambridge Assessment English, the IELTS’s organiser. The guide is a comprehensive collection of study materials related to IELTS.
Apart from covering all four sections of IELTS, it provides specialised tips, instructions, and hints regarding IELTS. The book focuses on developing a candidate’s test-taking ability and skills.
You can strategise and maximise your chances of scoring a higher band score with proper implementation of the book’s instructions.
The book also contains about ten different practice tests, thus, providing a glimpse of the IELTS exam pattern.
One of the best books out there, this e-book combo of 5 allows one to find all aspects of IELTS general in one place. The book contains four different IELTS sections:
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing (Task 1)
  • Writing (Task 2)
The book also contains IELTS latest question papers and their answers by IELTS experts. Apart from these, the book offers the following items:
  • Listening tests with answers – 25
  • Reading tests along with their answers – 25
Moreover, you will also get material related to writing task. It includes:
  • Writing Task 1 – 80 reports
  • Writing Task 2 – multiple essay ideas and sample answers for about 68 IELTS questions.
Along with these four sections, the book also contains a separate Speaking section of the Academic module. The section consists of multiple questions such as:
Part 1 – 90 questions
Part 2 – 68 questions
All these sections and detailed instructions make this book an ideal book for self-preparation.
The book assists your English speaking and writing skills by providing a variety of 60 lessons. These lessons focus on inculcating spoken as well as written skills to IELTS aspirants.
Other interesting facts about these lessons are their theoretical explanations and practice exercises. In all, the book contains more than 1500 questions to practice various English language skills.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that this book is best for catering needs of candidates with intermediate level.

4. Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams

Without any doubt, Barron’s IELTS has become the leader of IELTS preparation. Its updated version consists of:
  • Two audio CDs.
  • Offers English competency tests – This test is recognized by top colleges worldwide and government agencies.
Barron’s IELTS also offers a super pack which is a comprehensive series of four different books. They are:
  • Barron’s IELTS
  • IELTS Strategies & Tips (including MP3 CD)
  • IELTS Practice Exam (including MP3 CD)
  • Essential Words for IELTS
The book contains an amalgamation of six practice tests along with an expert guide and multiple tips. Out of six, the first two tests contain detailed advice and guidance about tackling this paper.
Additionally, the book contains multiple answer copies of real-life candidates. Particular focus is shed on tricky areas where students require the most assistance.
The Cambridge IELTS 10 – The book provides an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the IELTS test papers. The authentic course material also allows students to learn examination techniques.
This test series is published by Cambridge press, thus, adding more value to this practice book.
The book includes:
  • Academic modules- 4 tests modules
  • General Training modules – separate writing and reading modules.
The Cambridge IELTS 11 – The book also contains different test series for IELTS General preparation. The book also contains a detailed amalgamation of samples, answers, and models. The book is regularly updated and reflects the IELTS’s exam format.
The Cambridge IELTS 12 – This version was first released in 2017. It is also known for providing authentic IELTS test series.
The Cambridge IELTS 13 – Another version of the Cambridge test series. It provides authentic IELTS test papers from the past four years. The series also provides a student book that students use to understand IELTS and its pattern.
Cambridge IELTS 14 – The book offers genuine practice exam papers to candidates, thus, assisting them with their preparation. Moreover, the test papers are precisely in the format of an official IELTS examination.
Apart from these, several modules, comprehensive answers sections are also provided. One also gets access to its downloadable audio material for developing listening skills.
An aspirant’s IELTS preparation is incomplete without the Cambridge Vocabulary book for IELTS. Apart from providing practice exam tasks, the book guides students towards building advanced vocabulary.
Moreover, the program’s vocabulary building techniques and strategies allow students to increase their proficiency level gradually.
Its tips primarily assist students in dealing with tricky IELTS vocabulary areas such as collocation.
This series also consists of three different books that, when read together, become an IELTS preparation package. It contains three different books. These are:
1. Reading
The course focuses on developing the candidate’s skills by teaching them tried and tested techniques to enhance their reading skills.
2. Listening & speaking
The book contains multiple modules which allow students to practice their speaking and listening skills. Further, by following the program’s target-based practice modules, one can easily score a 6.5 band or more in IELTS Listening & Speaking section.
3. Writing
Particular emphasis is imparted upon training candidates in the spheres of vocabulary and sentence structuring. Further, its multiple drills and exercises which allow students to practice their skills.
The book is known for being the best-selling book for developing IELTS vocabulary. Its practice books have been segregated into multiple sections to assist candidates with multiple language proficiency levels.
The book offers the following features:
  • All the vocabulary terms are presented and explained on the book’s left-hand side.
  • The book provides multiple follow up exercises on the book’s right-hand pages.
  • The book contains more than 100 units and 3,000+ vocab terms.
  • Its extensive vocab list and detailed explanations enable readers to develop their vocabulary further.
One of the best books you can buy for grammar usage and learning is Cambridge’s Grammar for IELTS.
The book enables one to develop their listening skills with correct grammar usage. Additionally, one can find a wide range of IELTS’s learning and training materials of its other modules, such as Writing, Listening and Reading modules.
Its grammar modules provide brief yet helpful grammar explanations to augment candidate’s concepts.
The book can be considered as a teacher’s resource pack that assists candidates with their preparation needs. Its primary purpose is to thoroughly prepare candidates by providing them with the exam’s experience.
The book also tells students about how the candidates are generally assessed during the exam. Moreover, it also provides them with valuable tips regarding exam’s preparation and the exam itself.
Additionally, the book includes Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking samples, their answers and the examiner’s comments.
New Insights is another practice and preparation guide for IELTS candidates. The book follows a proactive approach by providing multiple practice test papers to candidates.
Further, the course focuses on gradually developing the candidate’s language skills and techniques. Thus, allowing students to become confident in their language skills.
All these features have made this book one of the best books available for IELTS self-preparation.
This eBook has been created to briefly summarise the tips needed to excellently take the IELTS task 2 writing exam. The targeted readership are IELTS students who may or may not be fully prepared for IELTS, and are interested in learning ways to write effective essays on the exam day.
This eBook concentrated on important points with regard to essay writing, such as writing of introduction, supporting, and conclusion paragraphs, coherence and cohesion, as well as thesis writing, which when perused and properly comprehended, will help strengthen the abilities of an IELTS student in the concerned aspect.
The IELTS advantage series consists of 3 separate books catering to different IELTS sections. The book’s authors, Lewis Richards and Richard Brown, the internationally recognized IELTS mentors, have tutored many IELTS candidates.
Using their years of experience, they have compiled a series of books to assist the preparation of IELTS candidates worldwide. These are:
1. IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills
The book contains step-by-step tutorials which will assist you to glide smoothly through the IELTS writing section. The book contains multiple modules to practice and implement your learnings during the exam.
2. IELTS Advantage: Listening and Speaking Skills
The book covers various step-by-step guidance through its listening and speaking modules. Further, the book tries to make the learning process lively and fun using several topics during the IELTS exam.
3. IELTS Advantage: Reading Skills
The book focuses on training candidate’s paraphrasing skills and vocabulary enhancement. IELTS learners learn a range of skills and strategies for both reading and understanding book’s texts.
It covers a range of skills such as speed-reading, scanning, skimming etc., helps students perform better in the IELTS reading section.


Self-studying is generally the best option for candidates who are motivated and self-disciplined. However, this does not mean that students who have enrolled in private classes do not have to self-study while preparing for internationally acclaimed exams such as IELTS.
All in all, these books cover every aspect of the IELTS preparatory course. With the book’s guidance, tips and tricks, and practice papers, we are confident that you will surely ace your IELTS general examination.
Tip – While preparing for IELTS, always take guidance from two to three books. Reading from different sources will further enhance your preparation and boosting your chances of success.