How To Learn IELTS Vocabulary Effectively

 To be able to achieve a high IELTS score and at a reasonable level or higher, vocabulary is one of the most critical factors to determine your IELTS learning process. Anyone learning English for communication or academic English like IELTS needs an extensive vocabulary. However, vocabulary is varied, so you need to have an effective way to learn IELTS vocabulary effectively.

Ways To Learn IELTS Vocabulary Effectively

Everyone knows that learning vocabulary is a process that requires learners to spend a lot of time as well as practice. In fact, vocabulary is wealthy and uncountable, so learners need to have a way to learn that is easy to remember and suitable for all communication situations.

Make a Plan and Set Goals While Studying

When you do anything, there need to be excitement and specific goals to achieve a satisfactory result. Learning is the same, but that does not mean that you will learn in an impromptu mood, without a clear plan.

How To Learn IELTS Vocabulary Effectively
How To Learn IELTS Vocabulary Effectively

Your learning style and direction will be increasingly wrong without specific learning goals. For the best, you should set yourself an adequate and consistent goal with your current ability. This will not be an invisible pressure weighing you down, but instead, it will help you stay more interested in learning.

Learn Right At Your Level – IELTS Vocabulary

Before studying, you need to determine your current level. If every time you encounter a new word, you list it on the list of words to learn bluffly, then surely you will not be able to remember what you have learned. But it also messes with your memory because maybe those words you haven’t encountered in everyday life.

Therefore, when you are just starting to learn, the fastest and effective way to learn English vocabulary is that you should know the words in groups A1 – A2 and phrases in the basic level for beginners.

Read Books, Listen To Music And Watch English Movies Regularly

One of the tips to learn English vocabulary effectively is reading books and watching videos or movies in English. This is the always appreciated way of learning English vocabulary to remember the most extended and not put much pressure on the reader.

How To Learn IELTS Vocabulary Effectively
However, to achieve the best results, you need to pay attention to a few small things:

You should start with simple everyday topics in daily life with simple words and grammar, sentence structure, and easy to remember, so you will not be bored during the listening process.

Do not rely too much on the dictionary when encountering any new word. You should rely on specific contexts, think of new difficult words, and then listen to them many times to determine the correct meaning.

Besides the above ways, you should also practice your English through English learning application platforms such as Duolingo or ELSA to have more new and diverse forms of learning. Sometimes the learning methods that the application provides will help you find a study method that is more suitable for you.


Use Immediately Learned Vocabulary

Don’t let the vocabulary you’ve just learned be forgotten in vain. Applying it right after learning is an effective way to learn English vocabulary; never forget it. This application is straightforward to do, and you can look at everything around you and think it’s an English name. Or communicate with people around you in simple sentences.

Let that word form a habit when you encounter any case or object; you will always come up with an English word or sentence to call it because most of the things that happen in our daily lives go with simple words. Applying vocabulary in everyday life will practice and remember your vocabulary more deeply.

Common Mistakes When Learning Vocabulary

When learning vocabulary, especially self-study, anyone will encounter mistakes in the learning process—causing learning to be interrupted and ineffective, even causing learners to become frustrated and stop learning.

Do Not Study And Review Often

Memorizing a certain amount of vocabulary in a day is a common practice. This will also help you remember that amount of vocabulary in the amount of time you set out. But if you do not review them in the following days, they will surely disappear from your memory without a trace. Therefore, the way to learn English vocabulary quickly and memorize it for a long time is to review it. This is important when you want to learn a foreign language other than English.

Do Not Combine With The Dictionary

English is like Vietnamese, and some words have many different meanings; usually, teachers at school only use the most common purpose to guide you. This will often lead you to misunderstand the word as having only one meaning, and encountering it in a completely different usage context will confuse you. In addition, learning English vocabulary based on Vietnamese definitions is also considered an underappreciated learning method because the Vietnamese meaning cannot fully express the meaning of that word.

Learning Not By Topic – IELTS Vocabulary

Indeed no one has ever thought it is necessary to learn more than 1000, 1500… or even 3000, 4000 words to have enough confidence to communicate with others. However, it is because of this super-fast way of learning English words that you mistakenly think that makes you easily frustrated.

Learning English vocabulary according to each specific topic in communication is much simpler. Moreover, learning English vocabulary by topic will bring you many benefits:

  • Learning by topic will be easily applied to corresponding real-life situations
  • It helps to quickly remember the semantics of words
  • Acquire more vocabulary related to the topic of conversation, helping to support the conversation to take place more smoothly and better.

Do not learn by phrase

The meaning of a word will completely change and take on much richer meanings when placed in different contexts of use. Therefore, learning a word alone will only help you understand a few primary layers of its meaning.

Learn too many unnecessary words – IELTS Vocabulary

Studying a lot will help you know much other helpful knowledge. However, looking a lot but studying without a measure, without a clear goal, is entirely counterproductive. Nowadays, English learners often work hard to learn new words and learn difficult words every day.

Eating too many new words will make your brain saturated. This will cause you to dilute your knowledge and not remember it anymore because the amount of information you have to receive is too much. But in the end, there is no such thing as a long-term memory that is only fleeting, superficial, or only remembered for a short time.