IELTS Test Basics You Need to Know Part 2

IELTS certificate or IELTS is one of the globally recognized high-quality English degrees along with TOEIC, TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, etc. IELTS test results are recognized by more than 10,000 organizations, including schools, companies, professional associations, and governments in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Are you wondering how long the duration of the IELTS is? You are not sure what the IELTS test is for, and what are the benefits of IELTS? The following article will answer your questions and provide the necessary information when taking the IELTS test.

I. How Long Is IELTS Certificate Valid?

Although the benefits of an IELTS degree are immense, the IELTS certificate is valid for a maximum of 2 years from the date of publication of the results. After two years from the date of the test, your IELTS certificate will be invalidated, no longer valid in any organization or school.

An IELTS certificate with validity within two years is considered a short valid foreign language certificate. The organizers explained that after two years of not using English regularly, this foreign language level of thinking would decrease. However, if the IELTS certificate is still valid, it cannot accurately reflect the candidate’s current ability. So, if after two years you still want to use your IELTS results in your following plans, you have to review and retake the test from the beginning.

In addition, after having the results, you are not satisfied with the IELTS test results. You can completely register for the exam multiple times in a year and choose to use a higher score.

II. Why do You Need an IELTS Certificate?

1. Study abroad

IELTS certificate is a mandatory passport if you want to study in some countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. best in the world. Learning in these countries will allow you to enjoy diplomacy and integrate into an extraordinarily dynamic and polite international environment.

To achieve the goal of studying abroad, you need to have an IELTS certificate with an average score of 6.0 IELTS. It is a secret that the higher the value of the IELTS score, the higher your chances of getting high-value scholarships.

2. Internship, Working At Foreign Companies

The period of integration and opening makes more and more foreign companies invest in Vietnam and find workers from Vietnam, so the global language is English will have a significant advantage. Some foreign companies operating in Vietnam have included IELTS in their application requirements for candidates in many positions.

3. Lecturer, English Teaching Assistant

If, during your university studies, you soon achieve your dream IELTS certificate, you can gain experience and earn extra monthly income by working as a teacher or teaching assistant at English centers. Not only that, with this degree, your resume will be “genuine” many times. Therefore, you will have many advantages when applying for jobs, have the opportunity to receive invitations from large companies, international businesses that require high English, equivalent to a good salary.

III. Frequently Asked Questions When Taking IELTS

1. Regulations on Cancellation and Change of Exam Date

Cancel the IELTS exam

When can a candidate request an exam cancellation?

If a candidate requests to cancel his/her test more than five weeks before the registered test date (from the date of the first skills test): the candidate will receive a refund of 75% of the exam fee*.
If a candidate requests to cancel the test less than five weeks before the registered test date (from the date of the first skills test): no refund will be given to the candidate, except for the exceptions below.
Please note that candidates’ examination fee refund process can take up to six weeks.

Change IELTS test date.

Candidates can request to change the test date at the following times:

If a candidate requests to change the test date more than or equal to five weeks before the registered test date (counting from the first technical test date): the candidate can change the test date free of charge.
If a candidate requests to change the test date less than five weeks before the registered test date (from the date of the first skills test): the candidate pays an additional 25% of the examination fee for administrative procedures*.
If a candidate requests to change the test date less than three days before the registered test date (from the date of the first skills test): the proposal to change the test date will not be accepted, except for the exceptions below. .
Candidates need to register for a new test date no later than three months from the original. If a candidate cannot attend the new test date, the candidate will not be able to proceed with the request for a test date change or a refund of the exam fee.

2. IELTS Certification Exam Fee

From 1 November 2016, the British Council and IDP will apply an IELTS exam fee of VND 4,750,000 for test takers who register for IELTS exams from December 2016 onwards. .

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3. How to register for IELTS

Currently, only IDP (International Education Organization) and British Council (British Council) are authorized to organize monthly IELTS tests in Vietnam. So if you want to take the IELTS test, you need to register for the IELTS test at these two organizations and their official partners. But, you should note that not all English centers are licensed to organize IELTS tests.

Register for the exam on paper or computer?
Currently, BC and IDP have two forms of the exam, paper-based, and computer-based, for you to choose according to your requirements. In particular, the computer-based IELTS test offers many advantages such as:

Get early results in just 5-7 days, compared to 13 days for paper-based exams
You can take the Speaking test on the same day with three skills Listening – Reading – Writing, no need to wait impatiently
The computer-based exam will have time and advantages such as direct notes, counting the number of words of Writing… so you can do it.
Although there are still limitations such as doing the test on the computer, it will be pretty tiring for the eyes, the time to check the answers is not much in the listening part…but this is the form chosen by many of you today.

Registration for IELTS on paper or computer is the same, so please follow the steps below to register.

The IELTS test fee remains the same in two forms. BC and IDP are both popularizing this test form and have their mock test, so when you register for the actual exam, you can ask to register for the trial first!

The test questions between the two formats are not different, but the computer-based IELTS test is convenient for those familiar with computers, and the results are returned faster.

IV. IELTS Test Result

After completing the IELTS exam, candidates can thoroughly look up the results online without going far (after 13 days from the written test date for the paper-based IELTS test and after 5-7 days from the date of the IELTS test date for computer-based IELTS).

Within one month from the date, the official test results are printed. Candidates can request the Test Center to send up to 05 IELTS certificates to the following places:

Domestic and foreign training institutions where candidates register to study
Organizations, companies where candidates are applying for jobs
Embassies of the country where the candidate is applying for a visa.
After checking your test results and receiving a copy of your results, if you feel that your test results are inaccurate or unfair to what you did, you can request a review of the test. You can complain to the test center within six weeks from the time of the test.

1. Scoring Methods and Skills Frequently Asked for Review

The Listening and Reading tests already have answers and are scored objectively, so there is almost no false marking for these two skills.

The Writing and Speaking sections usually do not have specific answers but are scored based on four scoring criteria. Therefore, usually, candidates often review either Listening or Reading skills.

2. Examination Fees

The cost of reviewing the IELTS test is relatively high, all of which are above 2 million. The reason is that the review is done in London, and it takes about 6-8 weeks to get an accurate result. During the review period, you will not be able to send your application to study abroad or settle down.
IDP: 2,310,000 VND
BC: 2,200,000 VND
Note: Candidates should consult with the examination committee from time to time

3. Examination Procedure

You must apply for an IELTS review within six weeks of the test date. You can request an individual assessment of each test or the entire test. Those who come directly to the exam board will be guided very carefully. Usually, you will be asked the reason for the re-examination. Is there a big difference between the scores between the four skills (if there’s not much difference, I advise you not to re-examine, but once you are confident with your decision, Please proceed with the procedure?

After paying the fee, you should remember to keep the invoice because if you improve your score after the review, you will get the review fee back. When receiving the price, remember to bring your Passport or ID card.

The review time is usually reported as 6-8 weeks, but about three weeks after the review results are available.

If the results change, you will be issued a new transcript and a refund of the review fee.
If the results do not change, you will get your transcript back.
The results of the appeal are final and cannot be changed (you cannot request a second review). During the review period, your test scores will be temporarily preserved, and you are not allowed to use these test scores to apply for admission or review immigration applications. Requests for additional transcripts will not be processed until official results are available.

That’s all the essential information about IELTS that About IELTS has learned and updated to send you the most valuable and accurate information. About IELTS hope it will be beneficial to you!

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